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Say goodbye to Matt Smith in THE TIME OF THE DOCTOR

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Doctor Who time of the doctor (1)

Everyone here? Has everyone picked their jaws up yet, following the Saturday special of Doctor Who, The day of the Doctor? Good, good. That’s the penultimate appearance of current Doctor Matt Smith, who will be leaving the show next month during the Christmas special, making way for Peter Capaldi to take over. Capaldi might also just be the final Doctor as well.

So what’s the name of this special then? Brace yourself for…The time of the Doctor.

Missed the Extras post yesterday? That’s probably why Kervyn is crying right now, as he slipped the teaser trailer for The time of the Doctor inside there. Here’s the embed for the trailer, as well as a scene by scene breakdown.

The time of the doctor (1)

“This planet. What’s it called?” Smith asks. “Trenzalore”, says a mysterious lady.

The time of the doctor (2)

At which point we cut to some Daleks wobbling in out of the mist.

The time of the doctor (3)

A new and improved Cyberman, which is where I hope to see my favourite Who monster get some Canary Wharf revenge on the Skaro gang.

The time of the doctor (4)

A member of the Silence, but we’ll forget about him when we scroll down.

The time of the doctor (5)

And some Weeping Angels, out for a stroll.

The time of the doctor (6)


The time of the doctor (7)

And a bell shall toll, which has always been a signal for regeneration in Doctor Who.

The time of the doctor (8)

There’s no word yet if this special will be on the local BBC channel like Day of the Doctor was, but I’ll update as soon as I hear from them. The time of the Doctor broadcasts on Christmas Day, and stars Matt Smith for one last time.


Last Updated: November 26, 2013


  1. I has a sad!


  2. Craig Boonzaier

    November 26, 2013 at 11:29

    Moffat is such a clever man, I did not see that coming.
    The Cybermen(eyeroll) seem to be the same ones from the “Nightmare In Silver” episode, that were super upgraded.
    I also want to see all the doctors enemies go against eachother. Weeping Angels FTW!


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