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Sharon Stone gets a little too attached…

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Oh Sharon Stone, how we have missed you. You shot into our collective hearts when you made yourself more comfy while sitting on an interrogation room chair, and your resulting films have done little to diminish you, erm, acting talents.

We’ve haven’t seen that much of you lately, but it refreshing to see that someone else is stalking you for a change, in Tony Kaye’s new thriller film, Attachment.

Stone will play a married woman who has an affair with a student in the film, that of course does not end well once she breaks off from the relationship.

Her former lover then begins to terrorise her, first by dating her daughter, moving on to more sinister goals of revenge in the process. Written by Christopher Denham, Kaye plans to begin shooting in April, with Panther films producing.

If you need more of Sharon Stone though, don’t fret, as she is also working in Lovelace, a film that explores the actress that starred in the iconic 1970’s porno film Deepthroat, Linda Lovelace.

Last Updated: February 3, 2012

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