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Shia LeBeouf chases Robert Redford in this first trailer for THE COMPANY WE KEEP

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It must be nice to be Hollywood royalty like Robert Redford. The veteran actor and director had barely announced that he was making a new movie when the big names started jumping around to be a part of it. And then, as we reported last week, instead of having to shop around his film to the studios at film festivals like most other people do, he was able to secure a deal from Sony without a single frame being shown to distributors.

That doesn’t mean he’s not still going to show off the film at the festivals though (probably just to rub in everybody’s else’s faces), and the Toronto Film Festival will be his first stop. Thanks to that, we now get a trailer for The Company We Keep. And it’s looking pretty great.

When Jason Sinai, one of the last Vietnam-era fugitives still wanted on murder charges for a robbery gone wrong in 1974, encounters a young newspaper reporter in search of a story, he must abandon years of safe underground life for the dangerous life of the road — traveling across American and deep into his past. Set against the rise and fall of the radical anti-war group the Weather Underground, “The Company You Keep” is a sweeping American saga about sacrifice, the ecstatic righteousness of youth, and the tension between political ideals and family loyalties. It is a vidid re-creation of lives lived underground — of battle-scarred veterans, ideologues, profiteers, criminals and bystanders.

Shia LeBeouf just keeps on growing out of that image we all probably still have of him as that manic kid from Transformers and with the film choices he’s been making lately, he is rapidly turning into one of the most interesting talents in Hollywood. He may still have a perverse obsession with wanting to show us his naked body, but hey, sometimes you got to take the crazy with the good.

While this trailer does show off quite a lot of the fabulous cast that Redford has assembled for this, I did notice that this completely missing from the footage was Sundance Film Fest darling Brit Marling. The Another Earth and Sound of My Voice writer/actress is a future star and one of my favourite filmmakers in Hollywood right now, I would have loved to see her get more screentime in the first look at what is going to be her first mainstream role.

Last Updated: September 3, 2012

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