Sneak peak into a new local film about poaching, Snare

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Truth be told I’m a bit of a boring general man of the street sort of guy when it comes to movies, I love the big explosions, tight outfits and ridiculous over the top action sequences in my movies.

While some indie movie makers attempt to copy this formula it’s virtually impossible without a huge amount of money. But I’m very proud to be living in this wonderful country and as such when I stumbled across a sneak preview for a new local movie arriving this year I just had to post it up even though it’s not going to be a worldwide blockbuster.

Snare appears to tell the story of a pretty awful guy who wants nothing more than to make money and if it takes killing rhino’s to do it then that’s fine by him.

From what I’ve been able to find out the movie is being made by Gideon le Roux Dioney Kempen, with a script from Andrew Worsdale, and starring Gideon Le Roux, and while it has a domain name already  there isn’t a site loaded up on it yet.

Here we go, what do you think?

Last Updated: February 7, 2012

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