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Snikt! Snikt! Here's your THE WOLVERINE live-chat with James Mangold and Hugh Jackman

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Did you remember to post your The Wolverine questions for star Hugh Jackman and director James Mangold, just like we told you to last week? What’s that Darryn? You were going to but your dog ate it? Well good, because Hugh Jackman probably wasn’t going to send you those nude photos you requested anyway.

For the rest of you that posted serious questions though, hit the jump to see if they got answered.

Since the chat (video down below) went on for FOUR AND A HALF HOURS I would completely understand if you didn’t want to kill your butt cheeks while watching it, so here are the highlights:

  • As mentioned last week, the film will be set after all the other X-Men movies. The reason for this, was that they didn’t want the film to have to set up an already existing movie, or have their story crippled so that it could fit in with existing continuity. While the film will have other mutants, the X-Men themselves are gone and Logan is at the lowest point in his entire life.
  • Jackman has been wanting to do this story since he first took the role in 2000 as he always viewed Logan as more of a tragic hero.
  • Mangold said this movie will be very grounded with far less reliance on CGI – comparing it to The Bourne Identity and The Dark Knight – and avoid “super-duper abilities”. Wolvie will “not be taking down airplanes”, which was a blatant dig at X-Men Origins: Wolverine.
  • The character will have more “credible abilities” and we’ll be seeing a lot more of Logan’s trademark berserker rage. With that said though, he will not be unstoppable, as we’ll also be learning what his “kryptonite” is.
  • Jackman said that he was never really able to get into the physical shape he wanted for the other movies (could have fooled us), but for this movie he was finally able to do that. He said he wanted to look “frightening” with all muscles and veins, to show Logan’s barely contained rage, and roped in the help of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to accomplish that.
  • Mangold said that he drew a lot of inspiration for the film from The Outlaw Josey Wales, as it also deals with a hero’s journey of loss, rage and revenge.
  • Mangold also described the film’s cast as a “labyrinth”, with characters that are not necessarily good or evil. He also said that the film’s actual villain will not be very clear-cut and will be a bit of a mystery.
  • Both Mangold and Jackman agreed that the audience is tired of Wolverine’s origin, which is why this movie will be setting up his future. Wolverine is the X-Men world’s “immortal” so this film will exploring what it’s like to live with the weight of that. While not addressed by Mangold and Jackman, this point has immediately riled up the fanboys thinking that this movie may just set up the future storyline of X-Men: Days of Future Past.
  • Mangold also said this film will have more action than any other X-Men film and the title should give you a clue that this is “100% undiluted Wolverine”.

You can watch all the rest in the full video below, where the director and star discuss their favourite Wolverine comic book storylines, how the shooting schedule is going, the advantage of having the story set in Japan, and a whole lot of other interesting points.

Along with all the question answering, a brand new teaser poster also got released, and it is a thing of ink-washed beauty. Print it onto a proper Japanese scroll and it would look amazing (I expect a monthly royalty cheque from whoever uses that idea, thank you very much).

Click the image below for the full sized poster.

Last Updated: October 30, 2012

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