So who won our Poltergeist DVD hamper competition?

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With global warming increasing temperatures around the globe and our rather warm winter so far (I had mosquitoes in my bedroom last night!) it’s difficult to find an excuse to get under covers with a loved one to cuddle up. So with input from the team here at and the vast experience of LOVE we clearly don’t have we put together a competition so scary that you’ll be leaping into your better half’s arms in no time. As you know in our Poltergeist competition we have three hampers of four DVDs to give away and now we have winners! ‘What have these lucky and soon to be shivering winners won’ you may ask? Have a look below.

Not bad! Once again we can thank the AWESOME folks over at Times Media Films for this opportunity to keep you awake at night. Let’s get right to it: who won!? We use the complex system of to select our winners so if you don’t win this time keep on trying, we will most definitely have something coming up again soon. winners


Congratulations to Imke, Michelle and Catalin! I’ll be emailing you shortly to get your address details. Thanks to everyone who entered and once again if you didn’t win this time we will have more opportunities coming up in the near future!

Poltergeist comes out 29 May (today) so be sure to book your tickets for a 3D scarefest!

Last Updated: May 29, 2015

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