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Spider-Man 3 set pics tease the fall-out of Far From Home’s cliffhanger ending

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Marvel is famous for making some memorable post-credit sequences that not only provide some interesting and memorable bits but are also used to hype up the expectations for future movies. Recently, the end credits scene in Spider-Man: Far From Home turned things on its head completely by [SPOILER ALERT] not just having J.K. Simmons return as a different J. Jonah Jameson, but then having him reveal Spider-Man’s civilian identity of Peter Parker to the whole world and framing him for all the crimes committed by Mysterio, including seemingly killing the villain in cold blood. Talk about going from wall-crawler to cliff-hanger!

So expectations are high for what to expect for the still-untitled third Spider-Man film. Not just because of how Marvel will deal with this massive reveal, but also with the news that previous Spider-Men Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield will also feature… somehow alongside current Spidey actor Tom Holland, along with some returning villains from previous franchise incarnations in the form of Spider-Man 2’s Alfred Molina as Doctor Octopus and The Amazing Spider-Man 2’s Jamie Foxx as Elektro, implying that a Spider-Man multiverse is being explored. Oh, and maybe Charlie Cox is back as Daredevil (who has now reportedly been spotted on set!). Yes, Spider-Man 3 is setting itself up to be quite the movie and I can’t wait to see what they are going to do with all those wild characters and the possibility of a bigger multi-verse in play.

In true form, Marvel is not revealing any details, but new set pics have come out that reveals that despite all the big teases of a bigger multi-verse at play, the issue of Spider-Man being targeted as a villain and the possibility of Mysterio still being alive (surprise) are still going to play a big role in the movie. As you can see in the below picture, there’s an advertisement board calling people to “Defend Spidey” and “I Believe” on top of Mysterio’s mask. Showing the public is likely torn between which side of the story to believe.

Also in true Mysterio fashion, this could also all be a complete ruse by Marvel. It could be that despite all the multi-verse madness going on, this will remain a central plot to the movie and having Jake Gyllenhaal return as Mysterio is definitely something which I can get behind. It obviously still doesn’t tell us much about what to expect from the movie, though further images reveal a look at a suited (and masked up) Holland and Tom Holland’s younger brother Harry on set in what is likely just a cameo appearance in some small role.

These images don’t provide any further clues on anything we don’t already know about the new film. Expect Marvel to up the ante on its marketing closer the film’ release and allowing us to finally see what is up with its massively exciting cast.  

Last Updated: January 18, 2021

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