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Stallone and De Niro have a GRUDGE MATCH to settle

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“Ey yo Mick, I didn’t hear no bell ring, and dis guy over here, he’s like starin’ real hard at me. Mebbe I should like go and talk to him, he seems okay, y’know?”

I’m so hoping that’s the scenario in Grudge Match. Rocky Balboa, or at least a decent facsimile of him, trading blows with an aging Jake Lamotta? What could possibly go wrong when two retired puglisits step into the ring?

Grudge Match has been in the works since 2010 now, delaying the fight until De Niro and Stallone finally signed up earlier this year, in July. Since then, progress hasn’t exactly kicked off, but seeing as the two actors finally have some more time in their schedules, Warner Bros has decided to ramp up production on the Peter Segal directed project.

Kevin “Think like a man” Hart has also been added to the cast, as he’ll be mangling the English language as a Don King analogue, who arranges the bout between the two veteran punchers of faces.

Doug “Entourage” Ellin has managed to KO the script into place, and with pre-production wrapping up, it looks like principal photography can begin soon.

This should be an interesting one. Stallone is in pretty damn good human-hormone induced shape thanks to his current slate of action films, but it’s been a while since De Niro threw some fists.

Whether he method-acts his way back up to prime shape remains to be seen, but don’t count him out for this project.

Last Updated: October 12, 2012

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