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Stan Lee talks about his cameos for The Avengers,Spider-Man and Iron Man

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Quick, name something that all films based on Marvel comics have in common. No, it’s not the shameless scenes that appear after the credits to give hope for a sequel, but Stan Lee, a legendary figure in the industry that helped bring such characters to life alongside other professionals such as Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko, back in the legendary age of comics.

He’s been in pretty much almost every film released so far, barring one or two that he wisely skipped out on, and the 89 year old fan of EXCELSIOR! exclamations recently spoke about his future cameo plans.

While Lee is busy working on and voicing a character for the new Spider-Man animated series for Disney, the man also spoke to Collider about his latest quick roles in the upcoming Avengers, Amazing Spider-Man and perhaps Iron Man 3 films.

The Avengers cameo that you will see, when that movie opens up, is possibly one of my best. And you know good mine have been, but it is so funny.

I can’t tell you what it is ‘cause they’d kill me, but it is funny. So is the Spider-Man one, by the way. They’re deciding to make my cameos a little funnier. They know that’s what brings the audiences in, of course, so they’ve gotta play them up.

And as for Iron Man 3;

I haven’t done that cameo yet. It’s almost scary ‘cause they just give me a date. They’ll say, “Stan, come over next Thursday for your cameo,” but they don’t tell me what it is.

So, I show up and they say, “Go to wardrobe.” In wardrobe, they say, “We want to get you a white shirt and a green sweater and a black zippered jacket,” and I’ll say, “Don’t bother, I’m wearing one.”

And then, they say, “But, you can’t wear yours!,” and they look around and get me the exact same thing, but I’m not allowed to wear my own.

And I still don’t know what my role will be. I go on the set and one minute before we’re gonna shoot, the director says, “Okay, Stan, this is what I want you to do.” So, I don’t know what is expected of me, until I get there, but of course, I do it magnificently.

I’ve got a lot of love for Stan “The Man” Lee, considering what he’s helped contribute to one of my favourite storytelling mediums, and whenever I see him on screen in a Marvel film, that just makes it a lot more special for those few audience members who recognise him.

Last Updated: March 22, 2012

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