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Star Wars now has a new and official map of its galaxy that’ll be outdated by next year

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Star Wars is a remarkable series of stories that take place in a galaxy far, far away. However, just how big is that galaxy though? Between all the different movies and series we certainly get to experience a lot of very diverse planets that all appear to be quite interconnected, and so even though its galaxy is probably quite big, hyperspace travel makes for a handy and plot-convenient commute. Even with those interstellar highways, we’re constantly being introduced to new planets and star systems which certainly make this galaxy more complex to understand and see how everything fits together.

Right now, we know the entire Star Wars Universe consists of around ten regions, beginning with the Deep Core and ending with the Outer Rim. There are also hundreds of sectors within the regions of the galaxy, further complicating things. All of these surround a giant black hole, shown at the centre of the many planets and regions. It’s a lot to process and most people probably could make the effort to even try and piece it all together, but we all know Star Wars fans are a fickle bunch and they want to have every detail of their favourite galaxy mapped out so that they can somehow engage in geekier conversations with those around them. People who probably couldn’t care less.

Thankfully a new book called Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge: Traveller’s Guide to Batuu, created in conjunction with Disney Parks, has provided a new detailed map of most of the known Star Wars galaxy from the perspective of the far region planet.

As the caption next to the map explains, Batuu used to be a planet visited often thanks to its prime location, but once hyperspace routes were introduced into the galaxy, the planet fell into disarray. It’s not the first map of this nature to be put together, but it’s definitely the most recent and provides a great look at Star Wars and its worlds which is bound to excite fans.

It’s a map that will probably need to be updated soon with shows like The Mandalorian introducing new planets and future movies likely to take place in different parts of the galaxy that we haven’t been exposed to yet. Even if it’s accurate just for a short time though, fans should be happy that they now have a more complete picture of how their favourite galaxy looks.

Last Updated: June 15, 2020

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