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Star Wars sequel update: Directors Brad Bird and Colin Treverrow out of the running as well

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Another week, another couple of directors making themselves unavailable for the director’s chair on Star Wars: Episode VII. That list of possible directors just keeps getting shorter and shorter. Joe Johnston is still on it though, which I do believe requires an obligatory “Whoo hoo!” from me.

But let’s get to those guys that WON’T be taking us to a galaxy far, far away.

This first one was sort of expected, well at least to people who prefer to operate within the bounds of reality. With recent news that 1952, fan favourite director Brad Bird’s science-fiction collaboration with screenwriter Damon Lindelof, was moving ahead rather swiftly, it sounded almost certain that Bird simply would not have the time to also tackle Episode VII.

Seeing as this was the director of such hits as The Incredibles and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, this bit of logic didn’t stop hordes of fans of still holding out hopes that Bird suddenly developed multitasking superpowers. But Bird put all of that to rest once and for all on Twitter last night when he finally responded to questions about his involvement.

@BradBirdA113: Thanks. But the science fiction film I AM doing is gonna be cool.

@BradBirdA113: That said, Michael Arndt is a fantastic writer and Kathy Kennedy is a brilliant producer. I will be first in line to see the new STAR WARS.

So yeah, that’s settled then. In the mean time, Film School Rejects thought they might have solved this puzzle as they found a podcast that Safety Not Guaranteed director Colin Treverrow recorded earlier in the year:

“I can’t speak with any specificity as to what the next thing will be. There are amazing opportunities that have arisen as a result of this. One of them, I will say, will probably create a good deal of ire against me on the Internet when people find out what it is. So, I just want to say in advance that I promise you, for all those who love the mythology that I will be tackling, trust that I love it as much as you do. And I will respect it, and hopefully make it not suck.”

Established fan base? Mythology? Fans who hate just about anybody that messes with it? Couple that with the fact that George Lucas actually had Trevorrow come out to Skywalker Ranch to meet with him last year, after being so impressed with SNG, and this certainly sounds like an open and shut case. Rejects certainly thought so.

Unfortunately after publishing their article claiming exactly that, Trevorrow responded to it on Twitter, breaking a whole lot of geek hearts.

@ColinTreverrow: “To clarify, there is another film we all love that I’m currently trying not to mess up. Odds I will direct Episode VII: 3720 to 1.”

Right, that’s a great big no, then. But – and it’s a Kardashian sized but – what other film could Trevorrow be talking about? Based on that description, his meeting with Lucas, and recent sequel talk from the cast involved, there’s only one thing that I can think of that fits the bill easily: Indiana Jones 5. But that’s Steven Spielberg’s baby, so what other franchise could Treverrow be talking about?

Last Updated: November 19, 2012


  1. “… unavailable for the director’s chair on Star Wars: Episode VI.”

    You mean Episode VII?


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