Star Wars sequel update: Disney hire original Star Wars writer, X-Men writer/producer for the new films

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Well, they’ve said it, and now they’re proving it. Disney and Lucasfilm really do want to recapture the magic of that original Star Wars trilogy. Although it’s not been officially announced, it’s almost become commonly accepted knowledge that for the new trilogy, Disney/Lucasfilm want the old cast to return.

And it looks like the old gang of Luke, Han and Leia will be able to reminisce on set (probably about Lucas’ collection of shirts and combs) with their old pal Lawrence Kasdan, while Simon Kinberg may be introducing some new jokes.

Kasdan may not exactly be ranked among the Hollywood elite any more, but he is of course the man who penned Raiders of the Lost Ark, Return of the Jedi and The Empire Strikes Back, the latter of which is widely considered to be the best of the Star Wars films, while Kinberg has plenty of solid writing and producing credits under his belt, like Sherlock Holmes, X-Men: First Class, Mr and Mrs Smith, etc.

Deadline was the first to report the possibility of the two being hired, but THR has since confirmed it. So where does that leave Micheal Arndt, the Oscar winning writer who has already written the script for Episode VII? Well, the report suggests that the duo of Kasdan and Kinberg will probably be writing/producing Episodes VIII and IX while Arndt continues work on his script for VII. It’s not certain what their exact responsibilities would be, if Kinberg will just be donning his producer hat this time around or whether Arndt will be co-writing on Episodes VIII and IX, seeing as how he’s already written a highly detailed draft for the entire new trilogy.

It certainly seems like Lucasfilm and Disney are doing their best to convince fans that this is a return to the sensibilities and quality of the original trilogy, and not a continuation of George Lucas’ self-indulgent CGI wankfest that was Episodes I to III. And as one of those very same fans, I can certainly appreciate that.


Last Updated: November 21, 2012

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