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Step aside, Jason. It's the new THE TRANSPORTER REFUELLED trailer

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Drop that handbrake and kick it into first gear – the new trailer for the latest in the Transporter movies has arrived – and I think it looks pretty damn good.

A few months ago the world got its first look at The Transporter Refuelled, a sequel to the popular action films that made Jason Statham an international name and gave him a steady career of kicking ass.

Reactions were mixed – from what I could gather not many people liked it. I wasn’t one of them and saw some real potential there. Now that a second trailer has been released, am I vindicated in my choice? Damn straight – check this out:

Well, what do you have to say now? Yes, it’s not Statham, but Ed Skrein appears to be more than ready for this job. I really like, though, that he’s not trying to be Statham’s version of Frank Martin, the hardcore fixer who can literally clean up the filth. His version is less withdrawn and a bit more charismatic. But above all, he appears to kick ass just as well as Statham does.

I say ‘appears’, because you never know how much of the final movie will be like this, plus a large chunk of the driving action seems to come from one chase scene. Hopefully there is a lot more. My other concern is that this may emulate the style of the Transporter TV series, which was terrible – ruined by bad angles, too many quick cuts and an inexplicable love for shaky cameras. There is the added worry that he script will resemble the increasingly convoluted plots of the Transformer film sequels.

But the above trailer at least makes me believe otherwise. This looks like back to basics, but with even more mayhem. That fights seen at the end is particularly notable both for the camera work and choreography.

This may just be the new Transporter we’ve been waiting for…

Last Updated: July 2, 2015

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  1. Looks better then the original in my opinion. Less CGI at least.


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