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Steven Spielberg is going forward unto Dawn with a new HALO TV series

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The biggest news this week hasn’t been no one giving two tugs of a dry fart about David Beckham retiring, but that Microsoft would be launching the new Xbox One console later this year. As usual, it was a press conference that dealt with the three most important things in life to American audiences: NFL, Television and Call of Duty.

But it was also a showcase for a new announcement regarding Steven Spielberg, as the famed director is going to be spreading his particular skills on the Halo franchise. More deets after the jump.


Much like what Netflix has been up to lately, Microsoft also wants to start investing in some original TV programming. But on their console. And with their own properties. So that’s why they’re going to be spinning the world of Halo into a live action series. Speaking at the event last night, former CBS producer Nancy Tellem announced that  ”Until now ,the TV viewing experience has been a one way street for the viewer. But now that’s about to change.” You tell ’em Tellem.

Current Halo game development studio, 343 Industries has thus formed a partnership with Steven Spielberg to start work on Halo, which they described as a “premium” series. Which most likely means that they’ll be pouring Hollywood levels of cash into the development of it.

It’s unclear right now what role Spielberg would have the show though. One source says that he’ll be directing, while another says that he’ll produce instead. And producing is far more realistic anyway, seeing as how he has a busy enough schedule as it is.

But I like the idea of Spielberg having a hand in this. In my dream world, the tale of humanity fighting a war that it cannot win, through the eyes of a super soldier known only as the Master Chief is just perfecr for the Band of Brothers approach.

This probably won’t happen, but a guy can dream, can’t he? In the meantime, if you need a taste of Halo right now, then don’t forget to check out last year’s Forward unto Dawn, which was released in time for the fourth core game in the series.

Last Updated: May 22, 2013

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