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Super-Fun Bar Games to Keep Your Customers Entertained

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The growth and profitability of any great bar will highly be dependent on the quality of services provided to its customers. Besides just offering different varieties of quality drinks and refreshments, providing the customers with outstanding experiences should be at the top of your priorities if you run a bar. 

One way to go about this is to come up with super fun games to keep your customers entertained. 

Investment-oriented Bar Games

When running a bar, gamification can be a great way to enhance your clients’ experience. As much as most people go to bars for drinks, pastime, and relaxation, bar games help make the environment livelier, more exciting, and more intuitive. 

For some real fun and entertainment in your bar establishment, consider including some fun games. 

Some Super-Fun Bar Games You Can Try 

Below are some of the many fun games you can introduce in your bar to help elevate customers’ experience. You can find more ideas on Untappd and make your joint more attractive to returning customers.

1. Jenga

For a game that can greatly help adults improve their dexterity, then Jenga is the ultimate game for you, says Oxford.ac.uk. It’s a game that involves shifting, tapping, removing, and replacing blocks of wood from a tower. One thing to note is that in the process, players should ensure to maintain the structural integrity of the tower. 

2. Pool

Pool tables are an icon in the category of the best bar games. Sometimes called billiards, Pool is a broad cue sport with several types of pool tables and games. It doesn’t take a lot of time to learn the game, meaning that beginners can also have fun while at it. 

3. Cornhole

This is among the simplest games to introduce in your local bar as it doesn’t cost much. The idea is to aim corn kernel-filled bags into a hole (usually 6 inches in diameter) on a slanted wooden platform (more details). Yes, it’s as easy as that. To make it super fun, players will take turns to determine who has the best aim.

4. Live Trivia 

Everyone has got some sort of bizarre trivia inclinations no matter where you look. Having a place where you can explore and earn your accolades for being the best at knowing the facts makes sense, right? Trivia games are a staple for bar entertainment and they have existed for ages.

Going beyond your customers’ expectations and having a live trivia game can help liven things up. Invest in pub quizzes that will be staged and have some if not all of your attendees participate. 

5. Giant Connect Four

Connect four has been upgraded into this humongous piece of entertaining art that allows players to battle it out while standing or sitting. Measuring 3 feet wide and 2 feet tall, it is a lot bigger than your imagination can fathom. The best part is that it can strategically be placed in the establishment, allowing your customers to enjoy their drinks and the game at the same time. 

With most bar environments, people will appreciate the simpler things. In this day and age, however, some sophistication won’t hurt. Consider clients who brought their own games to the pub. 

Additionally, when investing in bar games, consider games that best complement your pub. 

Knowing what the regulars are into will also ensure that you have something for everyone. These tips can help keep them coming back – and the money flowing. 

Last Updated: August 30, 2023

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