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Here’s how The Mandalorian used the Unreal Engine to create groundbreaking visual effects

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The Star Wars movies have always been at the forefront of technological innovation when it comes to visual effects. Something which its first live-action TV series The Mandalorian was no stranger to. Lucasfilm wanted to find innovative ways of making its diverse alien landscapes as easily as possible and to do so, they looked to the only other industry which also requires large 3D animated worlds, the gaming industry, to find their solution.

To showcase the remarkable work that went into an innovative approach where pre-rendered sets were designed in Epic’s Unreal Engine and used as actual backdrops for much of its in-camera shots, the studio has released some behind the scenes footage of how it all works and well, let’s just say that the process is mind-blowing:

And now you know how they are able to film The Mandalorian with the superb visual effects they have and still be able to start work on a second season so quickly. I love it when different types of technology can come together and it’s wonderful to see how the studio along with Industrial Light and Magic could use a game engine to enineer such powerful effects to create the exact backdrops they needed during filming.

That this makes it easier for them to get the perfect shot and add details to the world in-camera rather than postproduction, will probably have a long-term impact on film and TV production in the future as the long and laborious post-production work can be greatly cut down and costs possibly reduced too (at least now that they’ve already spent the money creating this technology).

It’s perhaps no surprise that they chose Jon Favreau to head up The Mandalorian, as he has shown a remarkable talent for working with cutting edge visual technology in his Jungle Book and Lion King remakes.

Last Updated: February 21, 2020

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