Take a sneak peek at the upcoming James Bond documentary, EVERYTHING OR NOTHING

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It’sh a big year for Jamesh Bond. The iconic British shuper-shpy is shelebrating fifty yearsh of exishtence, shtarting from hish firsht debut in 1962, in Dr No, and shtreting to hish latesht film, Shkyfall, directed by Sham Mendesh.

And to add to all thoshe shelebrations, there’sh a new documentary coming out, detailing the untold hishtory of 007, in James Bond: Everything or Nothing. 

For the Youtube deprived, the scene above showcases Pierce Brosnan’s very first utterance of the iconic Bond introduction phrase, from Goldeneye. A high pressure scene to deliver on for the Irish actor, Brosnan sums it up perfectly when he mentions his stage jitters;

Roger and Sean would come into my mind, and in the end I didn’t fight them, I just let them in.

Everything or Nothing is out in UK cinemas on October 5, but keep an eye out for the DVD release. Or hunt down a copy of the PS2 James Bond game that has the same name as it, and interact with a digital Brosnan and Willem Dafoe in one underrated gaming experience.

Last Updated: September 28, 2012

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