This teaser for THE CURIOSITY will leave you more curious

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Curiosity killed the cat, or in Trevor’s case, led to a mouth full of blue crayons, but in the case of this teaser ‘trailer’ from debut director Travis Beacham (writer of Pacific Rim) it doesn’t do much other than have me ask ‘whaaa?’

I often feel the tidbits we are fed by the movie industry have led to the point where you spend a year or two knowing OF a movie before you even know what it’s about, and in the case of The Curiosity this is most certainly true. Now I have to add here that although I thoroughly enjoyed Pacific Rim it was by no means a feat of writing brilliance. In fact it was far from it, which is what added to its charm. So when I heard that writer and now director Travis Beacham had a new project on the burner (via Twitter, because of course) I was a bit skeptical and to be honest I still am! Skeptical, but also hopeful! I mean any movie that features mermaids and Teslapunk (awesome word!) magicians has my imagination piqued! Have a watch and see what you think:


That, told us NOTHING AT ALL! What do we know? Well it stars Caroline Ford (Once Upon a Time) as the lead (we assume) who is… Well… Curious. She also likes swimming.


Also… Are those ELF ears! They look like elf ears to me!

I’ll keep you updated when we know! In the meanwhile have a look at the movie/shorts site for more pictures.

Last Updated: September 15, 2016

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