That time Kevin Smith shot a documentary for Prince

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Yesterday the musician Prince was found dead, bringing to end one of the strangest and most remarkable careers in recent history. He leaves behind a small legacy in movies – stuff like Purple Rain and creating the entire soundtrack for Tim Burton’s first Batman movie. That’s a little like hiring Mozart to score all of the first Avengers.

But you’ll have to dig a little to find that: Prince was at one point at war with the internet and probably employed an army of elves to trawl online for illegal copies of his work.

But let’s not confuse him as another arrogant, drug-addled and deluded musical divo. A bit like David Bowie, Prince wasn’t really from this world or at the least refused to live entirely on it.

The man made a lot of stuff, much of which never saw the light of day. Apparently he has dozens of complete albums just languishing around and in to the thousands of songs. There is even a Wikipedia page dedicated to his unreleased projects.

But nothing quite sums all of this up as nicely as director Kevin Smith talking about that time in 2001 he shot a religious documentary for Prince:

Last Updated: April 22, 2016

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