The Antichrist wants to touch Anna Kendrick's booty in this ridiculous Red Band trailer for RAPTUREPALOOZA

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Anna Kendrick is awesome. There’s simply no other way to state this unassailable fact. Ever since first gaining widespread attention in Up In The Air, she’s been charming the pants off all four vaunted quadrants with either sterling efforts in movies such as End of Watch  and Pitch Perfect or by possibly being the greatest celebrity to ever use Twitter.

So despite the fact that this Red Band trailer for no holds barred (Jesus gets shot out of the sky with lasers!), low budget comedy, Rapturepalooza, isn’t all  funny all the time, it will probably still be worth the price of admission for Anna Kendrick alone.  That and Craig Robinson as the Antichrist.

 In between blood rainstorms and talking locusts and other fun post-religious apocalyptic events main characters Ben and Lindsey are trying to run a sandwich shop. Things get even more interesting when the Anti-Christ chooses Lindsay to be his new bride.

Besides for the lovely Ms Kendrick and the usually hilarious and now beastly Mr Robinson, the film does have quite the cast of funny people in the form of John Francis Daley, Rob Cordry, Thomas Lennon and Ken Jeong among others. It’s also been penned by – air guitar! – Chris Matheson, the co-creator of Bill and Ted of Excellent Adventure  and Bogus Journey fame, so there’s that.

Based on this trailer though, whether or not first time feature film director Paul Middleditch is able to leverage the required amount of funniness out of this talent pool, and on a budget of just $2 million, is still up for debate, but I’m willing to give it the benefit of the doubt for now. This decision is of course based not only on the strength of its cast, but also on the fact that where else am I going to find a movie where Ken Jeong is God?

There’s been no release date set yet for Rapturepalooza.

Last Updated: March 7, 2013

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