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The Avengers 2 is officially announced. In other news, water is wet

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Let us just state the obvious here: This is not really news. After Hulk smashing the international box-office  into a smouldering ruin, while racking up mountains of praise, I don’t think anybody expected this NOT to happen, but I guess it’s good to have it all officially rubber-stamped.

Speaking during an earnings conference call, Disney CEO Bob Iger announced that Marvel Studios is in the process of developing a sequel to the (at last count) $702 million blockbuster. I am guessing that at this point in the call all the other attendees shrugged their shoulders and went, “Yeah, and…?”

Thus far there has been no indication as to which of the cast will be returning for the follow-up jaunt (although some of them already have contracts in place for solo movies), but last time I checked, all of them enjoyed getting truckloads of money delivered onto the front lawns of their Hollywood mansions, so I’m pretty sure we’ll see the ol’ band back together again. The only real question mark at this point is whether or not Joss Whedon will be in the driver’s seat once more, although you would have to think that Marvel realizes that he was the key to the success of The Avengers and that ditching him would be a titanic mistake.

Although no official release date has been scheduled, we will probably not see the sequel until 2015, while Marvel unleashes their next wave of movies at us, starting with Iron Man 3, Captain America 2 and Thor 2. They have left a spot in their 2014 schedule for a fourth movie, and judging by Edgar Wright’s recent teases, that will slot will more than likely be occupied by Ant-Man.

Last Updated: May 9, 2012

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