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The Black Panther is “a warrior” in Captain America: Civil War

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The core story of Captain America: Civil War, is about the price of freedom. It’s about unchecked superpowers, friendships being torn asunder and a good ol’ superhero brouhaha between Team Iron Man and Team Captain America. But amidst all of that drama and action, there’s something else that the third star-spangled movie is introducing: The Black Panther.

Now this is a hero, who happens to be one of the coolest characters in the entire Marvel Universe. Let’s look at the facts: The Black Panther is a monarch, rules over a land that is technologically ahead of any nation on the planet by several decades and is a warrior-king who is equal parts brains, brawn and a futurist. The Black Panther is essentially, the Batman of the Marvel universe.

That’s a role which Chadwick Boseman will play, a part that to paraphrase Mugatu from Zoolander, is so hot right now. “It’s hot. It’s blazing hot. Listen, it’s so hot. I’ve never been that hot before in my life, seriously,” Bosewick said to Collider about the Black Panther costume. As cool as the Black Panther is however, not a lot of people know who he really is, at least not yet. And that’s some knowledge that Boseman had to  brush up on:

I think what you try to do is just get your hands on every single comic book you can find that has the character in it, or him being mentioned or anything. I’ve just tried to read them all — not like it’s really work. It is work — don’t get me wrong — it is work, but it’s just sort of reading them like a kid, you know? Because when you just read it like it’s work, you’re just trying to get through it. So I think it’s putting yourself in that mind frame to go through the mythology in a fun way.

And then, also, I’ve gone to South Africa, gone to some places, to see some things that I think relate to the character, and let those things sort of fuel your workouts, fuel your sessions when you work on the part.

Black Panther (1)Black Panther (1)

Even with all of his skills and gifts, the Black Panther is still sort of outmatched in terms of pure power. After all, one side of the Civil War happens to be staffed by a Super Soldier, Cold War assassin, shrinking master thief, an expert archer and a high-flying trooper. Still, don’t count the Black Panther out, as he happens to be a lot faster in terms of brain power than anyone else on the battlefield.

“He’s not the strongest, you know what I’m saying? He’s not necessarily the fastest, but he’s strong and he’s fast,” Boseman said about the action that his character will see.

He has a wit, a wisdom and a plan — an overarching plan — that a lot of times you don’t necessarily see. So it’s his strategy during a fight or during a battle, and it’s not just him that I think is the — as far as the comic book goes, I think that’s different. As far as this movie, you know, this is an introduction to the character.

I think the difference in him is that he’s a ruler of a country. That’s the difference. I wouldn’t even call him a superhero. In the mythology of the country, he’s not a superhero. He’s a warrior, and it’s part of their tradition. It’s not like he’s like, “Who is that masked guy that’s doing this stuff?” Everybody knows it’s him, and they expect that it’s him, and they pray to God, or even praying to him in some cases, that he would do the things that he’s doing.

Which is much different than most of the superheroes in which you don’t know their identity and you don’t know when they might show up. There’s an expectation that’s much different. So that’s the main difference.

Black Panther (1)Black Panther (1)

The Black Panther movie arrives in early 2018, after the Civil War dust has settled. It’s a bit of a risky move for Marvel, as they’re banking on Boseman’s character hitting it off with audiences later this year, before committing to a full-scale Phase 3 movie. Hopefully it all works out, because what’s so civil about war, right?

Last Updated: March 9, 2016

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