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THE CROW remake suffers more setbacks as the director pulls out and studio faces a lawsuit

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Plans for The Crow reboot have been circling for many years now and it seems no matter how hard the filmmakers seem to try to bring this cult classic back to life, it just does not want to happen. Sometimes it’s just better to let things be and let nature resurrect it when it’s ready….

This latest plan for a reboot though was looking extremely promising with Relativity reporting last year that Jack Huston and Andrea Riseborough were both attached to the film and plans were to start filming last year.  But as per usual with the Crow production, they ran into problems, Huston bailed due to scheduling conflicts, and the project was dead again. And now, it’s facing further problems that are set to keep it dead in the water.

The Wrap reports that  director Corin Hardy (The Woods) has also pulled out of the project after signing an initial holding agreement that was to have him start filming in March. That time has come and yet now he has pulled out of the project. Troubles at the studio Relativity have been brewing for a while though, with Kevin Spacey recently hired to right the ship of the cash-strapped studio and get it out of financial troubles, but even he stepped away from the role. After Spacey’s exit the handling duties of the studio were turned over to producers Dana Brunetti and Ryan Kavanagh. It is believed that instead of just inheriting what had been done before him, Brunetti wanted to redevelop the The Crow according to his specific vision and this is what led to the exit of Hardy from the production as well.


And if things couldn’t get any worse for the film, there is now also a lawsuit from franchise producer Ed Pressman looking to stop the remake or anything on the property based on a rights issue. With the studio struggling financially as it is, a lawsuit is certainly going to not help secure too much funding for this anymore.

In short, don’t expect a Crow reboot anytime soon and if you need to have your Crow fix, rather stick to the first original classic and skip over the many awful sequels that tried to recreate that same magic. It’s a sad tale, almost as tragic as the filming of the original filming itself. And perhaps The Crow is best left being a classic piece of cult nostalgia and a tribute to Brandon Lee that, unlike the lead character in the film, should not be resurrected anytime soon.

Last Updated: March 18, 2016

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