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THE FLASH season 2 costume reveals a brighter future

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The Flash

Looks like the Flash is getting a new costume…that you may have already seen. One of the key aspects of The Flash this year, was a super-suit that really popped on the screen. It may have looked awful in dodgy photos, but it somehow worked when in motion.

And this ain’t the first costume that Barry Allen will wear, going into season 2 of the series. Because it looks like he’ll be getting an updated version of the suit, inspired by his future antics:

flash costume

I know it seems minor, but that new emblem with the white background and gold lightning bolt is pure comic book  love. Will the suit have any other upgrades from STAR lab’s Cisco? I freakin’ hope so.

It’s a nice nod towards the comic book origins of the character, as he progresses towards his more powerful, older self who seems to be capable of breaking the time barrier at will. The big question though, is how different his future-ier costume will be, as it looked like future Barry had ditched the fabric threads for something a bit more rubbery.

I dunno, maybe I was looking at a vibrating time-shifted version incorrectly, but that’s my tinfoil hat theory for the day. The Flash costume was designed by Maya Manli, who’ll also be working up some threads for the upcoming spin-off series, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

Last Updated: July 21, 2015

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