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The HIGHLANDER reboot may have found a Kurgan in Dave Bautista

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There can be only many reboots! Wait, that’s not how it goes. While the Highladner reboot runs around like a headless immortal searching for a Connor Macleod, the film may have found the villain that it was looking for. According to Latino Review, Dave Bautista, he of the WWE and Guardians Of The Galaxy, may be stepping into that film to play the villainous Kurgan, the primary antagonist of Macleod.

With Cedric Nicolas-Troyan now helming the project, Latino Review says that Bautista has been cast as the brutal barbarian, an enemy who is responsible for Macleod’s first death and who relentlessy pursues him over the centuries in order to claim his head. The role was originally portrayed by Clancy Brown, who then went on to star in various other films. And voice Mr Krabs in the SpongeBob Squarepants cartoon.

Bautista could be a good fit. Beyond the obvious physicality of the role, the man has finally started making his presence felt in Hollywood. After Drax the destroyer in Guardians Of The Galaxy, Bautists will be seen next in the next Bond film, SPECTRE as villainous henchman Mr Hinx. From there he’ll move onto the Kickboxer remake, playing another villain in that movie.

But if Summit is still planning to put some actual effort into moving forward with Highlander, then I’d dig to see him as the Kurgan. Clancy Brown played him as a monster who evolved over the centuries into a creature of pure chaos and anarchy. And after seeing Batista inject some heart and soul into his Drax character, I reckon he could own the role.

Last Updated: February 13, 2015

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