THE LONE RANGER is costing Disney some big bucks

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Man, Disney sures likes to throw cash away lately. It’s been a rough couple of years for the house of mouse, with their big budget extravaganza films failing to find the financial magic that the Pirates of the Caribbean film series has brought them so far. John Carter of Mars was a massive, undeserved flop for the studio last year that cost them $200 million in losses.

And now, The Lone Ranger is saddling up to be their disasterpiece of the year.


During filming, The Lone Ranger had a massive proposed budget of around $250 million, a figure that promptly made Disney spit its tea all over the faces of director Gore Verbinksi and Jerry Bruckheimer. Trimming that figure down to a still massive $215 million, the film hasn’t opened up to the best possible time exactly.

Facing stiff competition from Despicable Me 2 over the fourth of July long weekend, the film didn’t even break the $50 million mark. Hell, it barely beat back box office bomb Wild Wild West,a  movie that opened up 14 years ago with a $41 million take.

Right now, experts over at THR estimate that the Lone Ranger will most likely pull in $175 million in the North American domestic market, while internationally it’ll probably hit the $150 million mark. And those numbers sound reasonable, as the film has only managed to make $73 million in those combined markets. That’s an estimated final total of $325 million, for a movie that isn’t exactly earning rave reviews either, a film that has been described as the epitome of bloated Hollywood blockbuster high budget attempts. And quite frankly, a cowboy movie of this magnitude failing in the home of the wild west does not bode well for other markets.

The Lone Ranger

While $325 million may still sound like a decent amount for a movie that cost $215 million to make, when you take into consideration all the advertsing and promotional stunts that Disney pulled out for the film, there’s still a loss being made here, to the tune of around $150 million. But there’s a silver lining to this catastrophe of a film. Johnny Depp earned over $20 million for putting a dead bird on his head as Tonto, but Disney will more than likely be less willing to pay for his exorbitant “star power” in the future, while poridcuer Jerry Bruckheimer could also be seeing less greenbacks in his career.

And at least Monsters University and Iron Man 3 have saved Disney from a particularly dangerous year for high budget flicks.


Last Updated: July 9, 2013

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