The pirates of Somalia might just be a HIGH VALUE TARGET

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The fact that Hollywood has yet to make a movie dealing with the numerous pirate attacks that happen off the coast of Somalia and its neighbouring countries yet, amazes me.

Still, the film reels they are a changin’, and it looks like the silver screen might finally be ready for a different kind of pirate. One with action, army call-signs and go-pro cameras! Hoo boy…

Having just bought the spec script from Spenser Cohen, Millenium Films is looking to expand their action franchise with High Value Target. Cohen himself will be directing the film, which stars an elite group of Special Ops soldiers boarding a Somali pirate ship, with designs on neutralising with extreme prejudice.

Cohen is planning on using the found footage style of film-making for the project, while mixing in realism ala Act of Valor, and location-based action similar to The Raid.

That’s a lot of ideas in one pot, and seeing bobbing helmet-based footage of army teams taking on pirates may be a little too disorientating. If it’s successful though, Millenium is looking to turn this film into a new franchise.

Think I’ll stick to The Expendables, thank you.

Last Updated: November 20, 2012

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