Director Peter Berg talks about getting the gang back together for THE RUNDOWN 2

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I haven’t done Guilty Pleasures in a while, but one film that I’ve been meaning to tackle is The Rundown. Combining Dwayne Johnson, Sean William Scott and Christopher Walken into an adventure film worthy of Indiana Jones himself was a touch of brilliance back in 2003.

And ten years on, it’s the kind of movie that deserves a sequel. Which is something that director Peter Berg is keen on seeing.

Rundown (2)

Speaking to Collider in a press junket for his latest film, Lone Survivor, Berg slipped a few details on the rumoured sequel:

Collider:  Does it ever get old with people asking you about a sequel to The Rundown?

PETER BERG: No, never.  And we just met with writers, so we’re trying to do it.

Shut.  Up.  I did not expect that answer.

BERG: (laughs) I really want to do it.  I’ve talked to Dwayne.  I have an actor in mind that I can’t say that I want to work with Dwayne on it, and we want to do it.


BERG:  Yeah, we’re meeting with writers now.

So you have an idea?

BERG:  Yes.

Son of a bitch.  I think fans are going to be very excited.

BERG: I want to do it.

I really want this to happen.

BERG: I do too.

A new partner for Johnson? That sadly means that Scott is out of the picture then. Still, most of the formula is intact by the sounds of things. Johnson as the gun-hating lead is a necessity, and Berg has proven to be a director who has evolved his style over the years. Throw in a veteran actor to play the villain, some proper set pieces filled with action and a gibbering Scotsman and you’ve got yourself a sequel.

Last Updated: December 10, 2013

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