These WALKING DEAD season four images will drain your braaaaaaaaiiins…

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The Walking Dead (27)

Yep, it’s more TV news, and for that I blame that show about Breaking Beds. Joshua Doore must be so damn happy right now with all those new sales. Moving on! With Brian Cranston no longer legally obligated to shave his head, folks are going to want something else to watch. So how about some more zombies then?

With a fourth season on the way, AMC has released the following promo images for the upcoming show about people trying to survive in a new world by talking as much as possible. There’s a whole bunch here, and it looks like the main cast is still in prison, the safest place to be when the end of the world wants to nibble on you. And as an avid reader of the comics, I’m hoping that The Walking Dead doesn’t cut back on their own potential Red Wedding moment that will be coming up.

Last Updated: September 30, 2013

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