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Things get kind of spoilery in this new International trailer and promo clip for Prometheus

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I’ll be honest, this International trailer actually came out 3 days ago. So why haven’t I, resident Prometheus fanboy, been all over this like George Lucas at a flannel shirt clearance sale? Well see, I had already reached the point after which I no longer want to know any more plot details about two trailers ago. I loved the mystery and intrigue that Prometheus was bringing to the table, but by all accounts, this latest trailer and promo clip blows a lot of that away.

Now normally, as part of my job (the part that sucks), I would be forced to watch this so that I can give you guys a fair account. But I ain’t gonna. Huh uh. And you can’t make me.

But if you’re not afraid of some plot SPOILERS then by all means, go ahead. Just don’t tell me about it, thank you very much.

First up is the new International launch trailer, which  (apparently) has lots of new footage for you spoiler-fiends to sift through, including allusions of character deaths, creature designs and even getting very descriptive about the up-until-now very mysterious Space Jockey.


And then we have this new promo featurette which sees director Ridley Scott, intercut with even more footage from the film, speaking very candidly about what the Prometheus crew find on that alien planet.

Or at least that’s what I’ve been told this clip contains. For all I know, it could just be Scott doing a piano duet with a cat in Elton John glasses.

Which I would pay good money to see.

I think that there are lots of folks like me that have the reached the point where any new Prometheus info is too much Prometheus info, and just want to get to the release (soon, my precious, soooon) as unspoiled as possible, so please show some restraint in the comments below, guys.

Last Updated: May 3, 2012

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  1. Christo Kruger

    May 3, 2012 at 10:47

    I actually wanted to ask you guys what you thought about it and if it contains any significant spoilers, so I’ll just go right ahead and avoid it then.


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