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Think with your brain or heart in this teaser trailer for Disney short INNER WORKINGS

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Inner Workings

I’m a huge fan of Pixar’s Inside Out. I thought the way they told the complex topic of emotions in a way that makes sense to children was genius. Not everyone feels the movie was that good, but that’s okay, no one’s perfect. But, you have a chance to redeem yourself as the trailer for the next Disney short Inner Workings has landed and deals with something quite similar, though more physical than mental in nature.

Inner Workings portrays the internal battle between one man’s heart and brain. This struggle doesn’t happen just figuratively though, as his actual organs fight for control of his body. It’s trying to remind us that we need to look after our body based on what we eat and do. So, if you have a guilty conscience, I suggest you eat your lunch, take that extra cup of coffee and have that last slice of cake before watching the trailer:

It’s unusual to see a trailer of a short, but I guess Disney is looking to give people even more impetus to get to theaters early when watching Moana to see what it’s all about.  It doesn’t look to have as powerful a message as Inside Out had, but I’m sure Disney will bring a lot of added depth in the final product

Inner Workings is the directorial debut of Big Hero 6 and Wreck-It Ralph‘s story artist Leo Matsuda. Two of Disney’s most innovative movies of recent times, so as a short, I have high expectations for it. Don’t forget to make it Moana early to catch the short when it is released next Friday 2nd December.

Last Updated: November 28, 2016

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