This Doctor Who post is bigger on the inside with these new DAY OF THE DOCTOR publicity images and more!

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Day of the Doctor (37)

For a show that is all about time travel, it’s pretty damn frustrating that I can’t hop into my own TARDIS (Kervyn’s smelly port-a-pottie is not bigger on the inside) and see the upcoming 50th anniversary special, Day of the Doctor. What I can do however, is satiate that Gallifreyan need for more Doctor Who by bombarding your peepers with new pictures, clips and trailers for that special.

And more.

First up, check out all the lovely new images for The Day of the Doctor, which confirms that the War Doctor is kinda evil. Because red sonic screwdrivers are a sure sign of the dark side. Plus, someone is wearing a very familiar scarf:

Next up, we’ve got a brief clip of the Doctor being reunited with his one true love once again. No, not Rose. His fez.

And finally, here’s the first short swinging sixties trailer for An adventure in space and time, which shows just how the show came together.

The 50th anniversary special will be broadcast this week on channel 120 for DSTV subscribers, but we won’t be seeing that special detailing the creation of the show. Yes, this makes me mucho sad as well. But hey, there has to be some demand for all those Come Dine With Me repeats, amirite?

Last Updated: November 18, 2013

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