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This new official trailer for FROZEN is worth melting for

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After Tangled, I have some high hopes for Disney. That Rapnuzel story was the best of both worlds when it released a couple of years ago. Funny, charming, emotional and filled with some absolutely fantastic animation. With that film and its assets now helping to create future flicks, Disney is going to try and bottle lightning in a jar a second time.

And I think they’re on the right track so far with Frozen.

That was…funnier than I expected. If you ever read the original tale that Frozen is based on, you’d know that Hans Christian Anderson wrote some pretty sadistic stories for kids, especially with the Snow Queen. But it’s funny in the right way, and the characters of Kristoff, Bell and Olaf look like they’re going to steal the show. I’d dig to see some more footage of the ice queen herself, Elsa, in action, but I guess that’s what the next trailer is for.

Frozen thaws out in November, and is directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee.


Last Updated: September 27, 2013

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