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This trailer for The Invisible Man is all about surprises

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The only thing worse than being haunted by a monster is living with one. So, when Elisabeth Moss’s Cecilia Kass finds an opportunity to escape an abusive ex-boyfriend (Oliver Jackson-Cohen), she thinks she has finally found the freedom she has so desperately needed. However, when her ex fakes his own death and becomes invisible, he stalks her and turns her life into an even bigger horror.

The Invisible Man is yet another take on the popular monster story, but this time in the hands of writer and director Leigh Whannell, the story has been cleverly crafted into a horror centred on domestic abuse and focused on the viewpoint of the victim rather than the perpetrator. A change that, as evidenced by this new trailer for the film, makes the story even more frightening:

This trailer has lots of tension. Even before there is an invisible man present, just seeing Moss’ character try to escape her domestic situation is breath-taking enough. Let’s hope the rest of the film can be as thrilling as the glimpses shown. The character was supposed to form part of Universal’s Dark Universe, but overall this effort by Blumhouse is probably better than anything that Universe would’ve offered up.

I’m not a massive fan of previous Invisible Man films, with many failing to do the concept justice. This film’s unique twist really appears to escalate the intensity and makes me excited about the horror that could be created by it all. If this film can make full use of its concept and Moss puts in the usually stellar performance, we all know she is capable of, then it could definitely be a horror film to look out for.  

The Invisible Man is scheduled for release on February 28th

Last Updated: February 11, 2020

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  1. Hammersteyn

    February 11, 2020 at 11:02

    Are they calling audience members watching Birds of Prey Invisible men?


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