This trailer for the NICE GUYS is doing it the easy way

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Nice Guys

One of my most enjoyable childhood genres was the good old buddy cop action movie. You know, the sort where two disparate entities are thrown together, usually under mitigating circumstances, and what ensues is usually a crazy hour and a half them becoming friends. I’m not quite sure Russel Crow’s violent as hell detective or Ryan Gosling’s equally cowardly alcoholic PI will become the best of buddies but the movie sure looks like a lot of adult slapstick fun!With Shane Black (Iron Man 3) directing you are sure that it will also be a visual treat. Have a look and tell me you are not keen to watch these two degenerates try and solve the ‘crime of the century’.

Oh the funnies! It would also seem that since the success of Suicide Squads boom boom boom trailer everyone is ripping it off. Sorry Trevor, but BVVVVVVV is so DC now.

You can expect Nice Guys to hit cinemas 20 May.

Last Updated: March 23, 2016

Nick Reay

I have been an avid fan of movies ever since I discovered Santa Clause wasn't real, a day marked in my memory by my first viewing of It's a Wonderful Life, which wasn't so wonderful that day. Since then I've watched thousands of movies and even fooled my parents into putting me through uni to get a degree in the subject. I first started writing as a journalist for The South African Newspaper before moving onto communications for an NGO trying to save the planet. Unfortunately my recommendations to the CEO that we should all don rings imbued with the powers of earth, fire, wind, water and HEART went unheard. Now I pretend the end isn't nigh by hiding in movies.

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