Home Entertainment This trailer for TRUST ME is asking for that one chance

This trailer for TRUST ME is asking for that one chance

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Trust Me (2)

Want to know who the real breakout stars of all the recent Marvel movies is? That’s easily Clark Gregg, AKA Agent Coulson AKA Son of Coul. He’s been a constant presence, helping to shepherd that franchise into a billion dollar empire. Of course, Couslon isn’t going to be saving the world 24/7, and he does need some downtime. So what does he do on a movie off? Find young talent apparently.

Clark Gregg leads an all-star cast in this sharp comedy as Howard Holloway, a down-on-his luck agent for child actors and truly one the last good guys left in Hollywood. After discovering a 13-year-old acting prodigy (newcomer Saxon Sharbino), he is poised to close the deal of a lifetime which would catapult his tween client and, at long last, himself, into the big time. With the support of his gorgeous new neighbor (Amanda Peet), he must wrangle the actress’ volatile, overprotective father (Paul Sparks), dodge a scheming producer (Felicity Huffman), and outwit his uber-slick nemesis (Sam Rockwell). As he arrives on the brink of the Hollywood dream that’s eluded him for a lifetime, he begins to sense that his innocent young starlet may not be quite what she seems. Also featuring Allison Janney, William H. Macy, and Molly Shannon.

Word out of the Tribeca Film Festival is that while Trust Me is a solid movie, it tends to go off the rails near the end. Still, you can’t argue with that cast, and throwing Allison Janney, William H. Macy, Felicity Huffman, Amanda Peet, Molly Shannon and the consistently entertaining Sam Rockwell into the mix isn’t a bad idea at all. Trust Me will be out on VOD from May 6, and will get a theatrical run from June 6.

Last Updated: April 29, 2014

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  1. This looks fun albeit in a Toby Maguire kinda way.


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