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THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR remake in development with Michael B. Jordan leading

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And the wheels on the remake bus go round and round… Way back in 1968, director/producer Norman Jewison gave us The Thomas Crown affair, a crackling romantic heist film starring Steven McQueen and Fay Dunaway. It was only mildly successful both critically and commercially at the time of release (though it did pick up two Oscar nominations and one win for its music, and reviewers loved the chemistry between the leads), but it would find cult popularity in later years. In 1999, director John McTiernan cashed in on that cult popularity when he gave us an updated remake starring Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo, which once again boasted electricity between the stars, but was actually way more successful critically and commercially upon release.

As much as they are fan favourites though, neither film was ever a runaway smash hit though, but maybe third time’s the charm? I’m guessing that that’s exactly what MGM are thinking as THR reports that the studio is busy developing a new Thomas Crown Affair once again. And to lead this remake, MGM have tapped current red-hot Hollywood actor Michael B. Jordan, who just came from starring in MGM’s mega-hit Creed, which was a gigantic critical and box office success.


While there’s been no official word on the script for this new Thomas Crown Affair, I think it’s safe to assume that the story will once again follow the same path as the previous two versions: The titular Thomas Crown is a wealthy and suave businessman who moonlights as a gentleman art thief, specializing in pulling off seemingly impossible heists with the latest being a multi-million dollar perfect heist. His jet-setting life of crime is going well, smug in his most recent accomplishment, until he apparently meets his match – both intellectually and romantically – in a sexy female insurance investigator who will do whatever it takes to catch her target.

There’s been no talk as of yet as to who will star opposite Jordan as the insurance investigator, but given the film’s history, it will have to be somebody that has a great rapport with the young actor. And speaking of, it has to be noted that the 29-year old Jordan’s casting as Thomas Crown is skewing far younger than when either McQueen or Brosnan (respectively 45 and 46 at the time) played the character. It’s been reported by insiders that Jordan himself came up with the new pitch for the remake, but whether this is a hint of a fresher take on the story is still to be seen.


We also have no idea of who MGM is eyeballing to perhaps helm and/or write this movie. Jordan has now worked with Creed and Fruitvale Station director/writer Ryan Coogler twice before to massive acclaim, and I would love a third collaboration between the two but Coogler already has his next big pic lined up as he is directing Marvel’s Black Panther. 

Exactly who MGM picks to helm or pen this remake will say a lot about the direction they want to take it in. Jewison’s original was a lot more arty, weighty and dramatically intricate, whereas McTiernan’s was an entertainingly lightweight but very sexy and steamy romp. It will be interesting to see which angle Jordan and co will take this time around.

Last Updated: March 1, 2016

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