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Thor: Ragnarok will “take Thor to another level of his own franchise”

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After the huge positive reception Marvel got from Captain America: Civil War, you would think they would look to mimic that concept across all of their upcoming Phase 3 movies. And while they are certainly a studio that likes to stick to a certain winning formula, there are times when they try and break from the mold and do something a little different (Ant-Man). However despite the fact that the new Thor movie is also featuring an ensemble of super-heroes like Civil War, the director Taikai Waititi, has pointed out that the film will still be quite different from Captain America’s third film.

Waititi made the following comments in an interview with The A.V. Club and how different Thor: Ragnarok will feel to Civil War:

Sometimes I would stop and think, I’m doing a movie that’s got Thor and Doctor Strange and The Incredible Hulk and Loki and every character is so strange and different. Civil War it’s just humans, humans with human problems. Ours is creatures and beings and all these sorts of really different characters. Again displaying human problems, but in outer space or in other worlds.

Which shouldn’t be surprising considering Thor movies deal with a bigger aspect of the Universe and focus on events often beyond earth. However, despite the bigger fantasy aspects of the Thor films they have still felt like Marvel movies through and through. One thing that will be different this time is that other Marvel Cinematic Super-heroes will also be joining Thor in his adventures to crack the mystery of Infinity Stones, with The Hulk and Doctor Strange also coming along for the ride. Loki will of course be back and up to his deceitful ways, as the only true decent villain in the Marvel Universe as yet.

This is a very important movie for us in our Phase 3 timeline. As the Russos did so well reinventing Captain America in The Winter Soldier and changing everything that would come after it, that is the plan for Thor: Ragnarok – to take Thor to another level of his own franchise

Kevin Feige, the film’s producer, has previously mentioned that this Thor movie will be much like Captain America: The Winter Soldier in how it changed the lead character. And with a lot of story to tell that would set up the next big Avengers movies and provide motivation to Thor’s role in that greater conflict.

However, despite all these assurances, I doubt the film is going to be too different from the typical Marvel formula and while there no doubt will be unexpected twists that will come our way, I think its safe to say we can expect more Marvel, just completely in space this time. Does that take away my enthusiasm for the film though, not at all. Marvel is onto a winning formula and I absolutely want more of it.

Last Updated: February 6, 2017

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