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Tom Cruise and Doug Liman’s space flight confirmed for October 2021

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We all know that Tom Cruise has done some pretty crazy things in his career, but if jumping out of planes or holding onto the bottom of a flying helicopter wasn’t enough, he has set his next ambitious stunt for the zero-gravity environment of space.

And who can blame the guy for living out a bucket list item and somehow getting a film studio to pay for it in the process. Smart man, for getting others to pay for all of his adrenaline rushes. To fulfil this fix of his, Cruise is taking along director Doug Liman to capture this ambitious adventure. In case you were wondering if this whole ploy to film a movie in space was just a PR stunt though, SpaceX has confirmed that a flight on October 2021 has been booked for both Cruise and Liman, with one seat still waiting to be filled. Whether that seat is an indication that Cruise is still looking for a co-star with a death wish or just space for another real-life crew member, is still unknown.

We still know relatively little about what this supposed movie set in the International Space Station is all about, and why Cruise and Liman feel it is necessary to film it in space when there are so many sets and effects that can achieve the same thing. But this wouldn’t be a Tom Cruise movie if he wasn’t risking his life trying to do something wild, so expect one of the most insane spacewalks ever. Or a recreation of Apollo 13, but where the Space Station is literally losing its oxygen and Cruise has to somehow save the day while struggling to breathe. Knowing Cruise, he’ll probably try and dock the space shuttle and land it himself too.

I still can’t believe someone is actually paying to make this movie and jettison these two off into space. If Liman and Cruise are still looking for another cast member and don’t mind someone who can’t act but can do a pretty good expression of being terrified out of their mind, I’m up for the gig.

Last Updated: September 22, 2020

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