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Tom Cruise wants Jack Nicholson to be his EL PRESIDENTE

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What Tom Cruise wants, Tom Cruise gets! After tangoing around the project for eons now, Tom Cruise looks like he’s finally ready to give El Presidente the attention that it needs. Doug “Mr and Mrs Smith” Liman is on board to direct, but there’s one other ingredient that Cruise needs before he’ll commit to the film.

Jack “truth-handling” Nicholson, as his ex-POTUS.

The film, which would star Cruise as a secret service agent tasked with protecting the most deplorable and disgusting person to ever set foot in the Oval office, is now once again circling a green light. Cruise wants Nicholson on board, for a film which would see the former president go on the run with his workaholic bodyguard and engage in the mother of all road trips. For Cruise, this wouldn’t be his first pairing with either Nicholson or Liman. The star and the director recently wrapped up work on The Edge of Tomorrow, while Nicholson starred opposite Cruise in A Few Good Men.

Cruise is adamant that Nicholson join the film, and it looks the future of the project is in the hands of the former Joker. And honestly, it actually sounds like a pretty decent film that I;d dig to see made.

Last Updated: November 20, 2013

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