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Tom Hardy to produce, possibly star in comic book adaptation 100 BULLETS

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Remember how I mentioned in my Ant-Man review that there’s more to comics than just the same big splashpage superheroics? No? Oh you didn’t read my Ant-Man review? Well, gee whiz, thanks for ruining that opening line. But basically what I’m saying is that despite the over-abundance of superhero comic books, the medium actually covers just about any genre. And when it comes to gritty, crime noir tales of mystery and conspiracy, few comic books cover it as well as “100 Bullets”. And now it will get to do it on the big screen thanks to a certain Mad actor.

THR is reporting that Tom Hardy (Mad Max: Fury Road, The Dark Knight Rises, Warrior) has signed on to produce a feature film adaptation of 100 Bullets for New Line Cinema, with an eye on also possibly starring in it. He will produce with partner Dean Baker as part of their Hardy Son & Baker production studio.


Created by writer Brian Azzerello and artist Eduardo Risso under DC Comics’ mature Vertigo imprint, 100 Bullets told a series of interconnected crime stories, all of which feature a mysterious man named Agent Graves who for reasons unknown presents various people with an opportunity to get revenge on the person who ruined their lives. The kicker is that this opportunity comes in the form of a gun and 100 rounds of ammunition, with the assurances that these bullets will never ever be traced back to the person who uses them.

Running for 100 issues between 1999 and 2009, 100 Bullets was a critical smash hit, offering this high-stakes moral drama wrapped up in a sweeping conspiracy story involving shadowy organizations and mysterious figures. During its publication run, the book won several high-profile awards including four Harvey Awards and three Eisner Awards.

Screenwriter Chris Borelli (The Vatican Tapes) has been tapped to pen the script, and he’ll have his work cut out for him as the story’s interconnected structure is clearly far more suited to the longform storytelling found on TV. A standard length feature film would require serious compression the narrative as well as ditching the whole episodic interlocking stories approach that was the comic book’s trademark.

Also, if Hardy does star in this, it’s uncertain who he would actually be playing, as he certainly doesn’t fit the grizzled, older Graves one bit. I’m guessing that he would be some new character that actually gets offered the 100 bullets and has to figure out what’s going on. Written cleverly enough, this could certainly work – think The Game, but with more crime drama, and a dash of Conspiracy Theory – but it’s definitely going to lose some of it’s scope.

It is still Tom Hardy though, so I’m most definitely on board with this.


Last Updated: August 12, 2015

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