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Top 15 Movies Like Casino on Netflix

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The magic of cinema will allow you to escape into the world of excitement for 2-3 hours and will tell you about the subtleties of deceiving the established casino system, entertain and be remembered for a long time. One such film that has its own magic of gambling can be considered the film Casino by Martin Scorsese. We’ve compiled our list of 15 gambling movies on Netflix like the movie Casino. The list of movies is ordered by IMDB rating from the lowest to the highest rated movie about gambling.

15. Bachelor Party Vegas

Img Source – Discotech

IMDB rating 4.6/10

Waking up the next morning after the bachelor party, the three friends understand that the groom, whose wedding is to take place in 40 hours, has disappeared. Instead, they had a tiger, a chicken and an unfamiliar baby in their room. And these are just flowers – then the consequences of the debauchery of friends in Las Vegas emerge, up to the marriage of one of them to a stripper and winning the other in a casino. But the friends will have to return to the casino again to pay off the debt to one angry Chinese.

14. Lay The Favourite

IMDB rating 4.8/10

Beth, 24, moves to Vegas and gets a job with the owner of an illegal bookmaker’s office. He ended up in the gambling capital of the US in the following way: he simply had to flee here from New York, where he was caught in some financial fraud. Together with his partner bookmaker Bernard Rose, he is very successful in the gambling business, and Beth learns from these two useful tricks for a career.

13. Guns Girls and Gambling

IMDB rating 5.6/10

Don’t go to Indian casinos. So John Smith went there to improve his financial situation and fell head over heels. He was charged with the theft of the sacred mask of the legendary Indian warrior, which was nearby. Now John is being hunted by Elvis’ doubles, who came to the casino for the competition, the police, cowboys, a hitman and many others. They all want the million dollar reward promised for the return of the relic.

12. The Gambler

IMDB rating 6.1/10

Even a great teacher and genius writer can connect with crime bosses. The reason lies in the addiction to games. Once the main character of the motion picture Jim Bennett puts all his property on the line and loses. To recoup, he asks for a loan from a moneylender whom he just met, and even more gets into debt. Only the bookmaker’s office and the winnings will save him.

11. Mississippi Grind

Img Source – Consequence

IMDB rating 6.4/10

The film will tell about two gamblers of different ages who travel across the southern states of America in order to win at cards. They need to make a lot of money to pay off their debts. Dog races, cards and other gambling competitions are used. On a tour of the South of the United States, they discover the entire fading atmosphere of the last century. Check out the trailer here.

10. Bugsy

IMDB rating 6.8/10

The plot of the film tells about one of the most famous American gangsters of the 1930-1940s – Benjamin Siegel, known in the criminal world as Bugsy Siegel. He began criminal activities in his native New York, where he stole cars, was engaged in extortion and gambling. 

Over the years, Bugsy became a very dangerous and influential person, but he was never interested in politics or dreamed of big money and power in general. Once, driving through Nevada, together with his beloved girlfriend, Benjamin had a wonderful idea – to build a huge casino in the middle of the desert.

9. 21

IMDB rating 6.8/10

Kevin Spacey as villain and virtue – professor of mathematics at MIT. He brings together a group of gifted students who are taught to play blackjack. The film is based on Ben Mezrich’s book Strike the Casino. How to Win the Jackpot: The Real Story of Six Students Who Beat Las Vegas with Millions of Dollars. The main characters might not have had any problems if they tried to play online slots for real money like here.

8. The Cooler

Img Source – Hulu

IMDB rating 6.9/10

Bernie Loose is a loser. He lives in a one-room hotel on the outskirts of Vegas, he has a large debt for losing at the casino. The casino owner realizes that Bernie’s failures will not allow him to pay off the debt, so he forgives him. But only conditionally, in return, Bernie should work in the casino as a “brake” – a man at the gaming table, who spreads the “loser aura” to other clients. And only having met his love, the main loser of the casino begins to win, but will the owner like it?

7. Ocean’s 11, 12 & 13

IMDB rating 7.0/10

In the early 2000s, the American independent film director Stephen Soderbergh made the epitome of the robbery film, Ocean’s Eleven. It is a remake of the 1960 film of the same name, in which Hollywood stars of the first magnitude Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. and Peter Lawford played. Soderbergh’s work surpassed the original.

The franchise is becoming a phenomenon. Unique cast, interesting story, first-class direction. It is generally accepted that with each film Soderbergh surpasses himself, quoting and leaving for the audience references to his work and other Hollywood hits.

The film-phenomenon, according to the director himself, happened thanks to the cohesion: “Either everyone should participate, or the film shouldn’t be.” Today, the trilogy, the success of which has not yet been surpassed, serves as an excellent example of postmodern cinema and the legacy of the Hollywood conveyor of better times. Recently, Ocean Friends even had a women’s Ocean Eight spin-off.

Yes, we know there are 3 movies here at once, but we decided to take all 3 movies at once into our top because they can be viewed as one big movie. For the final score, we decided to take the average IMDB score of all three films.

6. Croupier

IMDB rating 7.1/10

Aspiring writer Jack Manfred takes a job in a casino as a dealer. The seemingly strict rules of a new place of work, in fact, are not so. And Jack begins to break them one by one. The turning point is a conspiracy with one of the regular customers of the casino, which draws the writer into a real heist.

5. Rounders

Img Source – Decider

IMDB rating 7.3/10

Only a young law student Mike decides to give up gambling and begins to lead a measured life, as childhood friend Lester bursts into it. He got out of prison with a bunch of debts and in the first days of freedom managed to make enemies for himself. To save an old friend, Mike will have to return to the world of card games, where he was previously a real professional. And then the World Series of Poker is just a stone’s throw away.

4. Modern Marvels: Las Vegas

IMDB rating 7.3/10

This is a documentary about gambling and how the world’s gambling capital, Las Vegas, was built. Viewers have the opportunity to get acquainted with the detailed history of the city since its inception.

3. Molly’s Game

IMDB rating 7.4/10

The film is based on a true story and tells the story of former skier Molly Bloom, who built a key Los Angeles casino out of a small clandestine club for poker fans. Within the walls of the neatly furnished casino were all-in important persons, movie stars and just the very rich people of Hollywood. But where it smells like huge sums, bloodshed cannot be avoided. What will become of Molly in such a cruel business when the FBI and the Russian mafia are after her?

2. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

IMDB rating 7.6/10

Journalist Raoul Duke travels to Las Vegas with his fellow lawyer to collect information for an article on the Mint 400. However, events take a turn in a different direction when the journalist and lawyer head to the casino. It’s all about psychedelic drugs taken by the lawyer, causing him strong hallucinations. In general, the whole story is tied to excitement and drugs, which did not prevent the film from becoming a cult movie.

1. James Bond: Casino Royale

Img Source – Digital Spy

IMDB rating 8.0/10

Bond fights terrorism: he chases a suicide bomber with a bomb, and then, using the data of his mobile phone, tracks down the suicide bombers in Miami, then in the Bahamas, then in Venice. And most importantly, he must bring out the scoundrel Le Cifre (Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen), who not only finances terrorists, but himself in their paws. 

Moreover, the climactic battle takes place not in an exotic open air, as usual, but at a gambling table. And we must pay tribute to the skill of the director, who here, too, achieves outstanding dynamics and serious tension. As for the chases, they have few precedents in terms of pace and circus attraction: people chase each other along vertical beams, ropes and arrows of construction cranes, on cars across the marvelous landscapes of Montenegro, on bulldozers and airport petrol stations among planes taking off and under the belly of a liner.


Obviously, films about gambling will appear on screens as long as these games exist, that is, practically forever. And this is natural, since gambling causes a storm of emotions that talented actors are able to convey to the audience. Not all of us are ready to risk our finances by playing in a casino. But everyone wants to feel exactly what a gambler who believes in his success feels – excitement, hope, anticipation of a miracle. And the film industry can give that for us.

As for Martin Scorsese’s film Casino, its IMDB rating is 8.2/10. Which makes it the most worthwhile of all the other gambling movies on Netflix streaming service. All the information for this article was prepared by Tiffany Cutting, content editor of the Slotsspot web project.

Last Updated: September 28, 2021

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