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This trailer for RATS is evolving 10 times faster than humans

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Horror movies these days tend to be mostly disappointing. Too many reuse the same gimmicks over again, rely on jump-scare tactics or don’t bother building a decent plot to invest you into the characters in the first place. It’s the common go-to genre for up and coming directors and producers on a shoe-string budget, but it is also means the market is overfed with below average films. And this is a story I’ve mentioned before.

So to see director Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me) do something quite terrifying with this trailer for Rats makes it all the more impressive. And he may be onto something here. You see, what separates Spurlock’s film from all the others is that its actually a documentary. He’s not trying to come up with some new and creepy story, but rather has simply filmed reality. And its probably more scary than most horror films out there. I think Hollywood has missed a trick here, they’re spending too much money on scripts for these films when all they need to do is film nature. That alone is scary enough.

And this trailer has also provided me reason to probably never visit some cities or using public toilets ever again…

Now, what got me with this trailer is not just that it is actually masterfully directed for a documentary. But that rats are evolving and becoming resistant to poison. At this rate in 50 years times could we see real life Splinters taking over the world… I hope not, but sometimes the truth is far scarier than fiction.

This documentary is premiering in the US on the Discovery Channel on October 22nd, 2016 and will probably come out here soon afterwards. I can see it spawning a new YouTube phenomenon as well, where people try and film themselves watch the whole thing without squirming.

If this is all true, then I’ve seen the end of the world folks and it’s not pretty. I smell a rat.

The official synopsis is below:

Most decidedly not for the squeamish, Morgan Spurlock’s documentary Rats is framed as a horror film and just as effective as anything else you’ll see this Hallowe’en. Set for transmission in the US in October via the Discovery Channel, it functions very well as a big-screen ticket for those brave enough to venture forth. Put it this way: you’ll make sure the toilet seat is firmly shut when you’re in New York City – or anywhere else – from now on.

Last Updated: September 19, 2016

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