Two more final chapters announced for TRANSFORMERS: PRIME WARS

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I’m still a fervent believer that Transformers Prime is the best Transformers animated series ever made, but Machinima and Hasbro’s recent Combiner Wars series is actually pretty solid stuff to enjoy as well. It’s a guilty pleasure alright, as the free web-series settled for light storytelling elements in favour of giant robot on robot action that got a tad bit gruesome at times.

It was all too brief though. A few preludes and an eight episode mini-episode run concluded this year, but the action ain’t over yet. I mean, the clue was right there in the title crawl for each episode. Prime Wars Trilogy. C’mahn. With the YouTube series having notched up over 120 million views, the saga will continue in 2017 with Transformers: Titans Return and Transformers: Power of the Primes.


That first sequel chapter will most likely borrow heavily from the current incarnation of the Generations toyline of the same name, as Titans Returns features a system where every Autobot and Decepticon has a detachable head that can transform into a Titan Master that can take control of other bodies. Yes, it’s weird I know but also kind of awesome.

“Transformers has always been fuelled by the brand’s rich, compelling characters and storylines, and Transformers: Combiner Wars tapped into that lore to offer fans a truly unique and new digital-first story for the franchise,” Chief Content Officer of Hasbro Stephen Davis said in a press release.

Following the success of the first series, we are excited to announce this continued collaboration with Machinima and believe Transformers fans will be thrilled to see the story continue to unfold.

If you’re looking to get started, you can watch the first Combiner Wars series on YouTube right now, as the Autobots and Decepticons join forces to push back the growing threat of the Combiners:


Taking place 40 years after the Great War on Earth, the first chapter of the Prime Wars Trilogy, Transformers: Combiner Wars digital brings the Transformers storytelling in a new direction as it introduces all-new characters that, combined with characters fans have known for decades, will deliver raging action and signature humour to the legions of fans.

Plenty of Bayhem, if that’s your cup of tea.

Last Updated: November 30, 2016

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