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Two full new trailers for ARRIVAL, do you trust me?

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Last week I posted a teaser trailer that had me rather excited about the upcoming science-fiction film Arrival. Directed by Denis Vileneuve of Sicario fame I said it shared some visuals that reminded me of Interstellar, but I’m not so sure anymore! Now I think it reminds me of a spruced up Independence Day crossed with The Day the Earth Stood Still. That being said the visuals are stunning and with a cast that includes Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner and Forest Whitaker I am going to hold onto the dream it isn’t going to turn into a steaming pile of alien goo.

You can check it out in not just one, but TWO full length trailers that look to contain pretty much the same material, only in a different order. Once again I fear that a bit too much is being given away here… like the whole plot. However, we have yet to see what the aliens look like, so they still may turn out to be a society of cloned Trevors making this far more horror than science fiction. Have a watch!

And in case you didn’t get EXACTLY what was happening, let’s have a refresh watch!

Arrival is based on the short, award-winning novel, Story of Your Life by Ted Chiang and is adapted by Eric Heisserer. Basically you get two different ‘Hetapods’, those huge things in the trailer. A reflects how the aliens verbally speak, which is random, and B how they write. However when writing in B the user knows how the sentence is going to end, therefore knows the future… Or something! I am very sure though that the premise for the short novel will have very little (sadly) to do with the movie, which looks like it’s going in the direction of ‘aliens come to earth to each us to sort our sh*t out or else’.

Expect big things on 11 November when the movie is out.

Last Updated: August 17, 2016

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