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Vin Diesel developing new TV series FIRST RESPONDERS

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Vin Diesel continues to grow in stature in the film-making business, but that hasn’t stopped him from pursuing other opportunities in the TV space. Especially in projects he is producing himself. His One Race Television company has recently signed a multi-year, first look production deal with Universal Television who have already signed up a Riddick Television series as part of the deal. Now Diesel is moving forward with a second show, a procedural drama titled First Responders.

And Collider reports that NBC has actually picked up a script for the show, describing it as “a dynamic, high-action procedural about young veterans struggling to reintegrate into society, while heroically saving civilian lives along the way”. The premise of the show will be based around an elite search and rescue operation run by a husband-and-wife duo Doc and Lil Pierce. Their Southern California coastal operation, offers a sense of family and community for its young veteran members. However despite the couple’s heroic successes, they’re still caught up in solving the mystery of their son’s disappearance and will stop at nothing to bring him back home.


It certainly sounds like a setup for something offering a lot of character depth, while still allowing for action driven search and rescue options to drive the narrative for each episode. Having a separate complex back story and mystery that links the episodes together is obviously key to also drawing viewers back every episode and it seems the team is definitely trying to hit all the right notes here in creating a hit TV series. I don’t watch a lot of TV, but these are things I know work and you have to give Diesel credit for doing his homework on the industry.

That doesn’t mean First Responders is guaranteed for success, but with a script written by NCIS writer and video-game writer Jesse Stern, the show should be in good hands. NCIS set a high standard as a procedural drama, so if you’re going to try and copy a formula, you can certainly do worse. San Andreas’ Brad Peyton is also due to direct the pilot for this, so we could also expect some epic action scenes along the way.

If anything, the sound of everything actually becoming too formulaic is perhaps my biggest concern for the whole production. However, despite his action credentials, Diesel is a smart man and I expect him to be successful with this one.

Last Updated: September 16, 2016

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