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Violence is always the answer in this trailer and 11 images for western SWEETWATER

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Sweetwater (8)

Like a wise and sleepy man once said: You snooze, you lose. While Natalie Portman’s troubled western, Jane Got a Gun, was stuck busy playing cast and crew musical chairs, it seems that another film about a lady gunslinger has snuck in under the radar. Sweetwater (or as it’s known in some part, Sweet Vengeance) may not have quite the star power that Jane has, but it does have Mrs Don Draper blowing holes in peoples chests and calling herself a bitch, all while looking glamorous in purple.

Set against the backdrop of 1886 New Mexico Territory, a young widow (Jones) risks all to avenge her husband’s murder at the hands of a brutal sheep rancher. Harris plays the town sheriff who helps Jones avenge her husband’s death.

I’ve never really been sold on January Jones’ subzero persona, and I don’t think this is going to be changing my mind any time soon. Ed Harris and Jason Isaacs are usually pretty reliable actors though, even if the films around them aren’t. And while this does look to be a tad bit generic, you have to remember that when it comes to westerns, concepts are usually pretty utilitarian. It all boils down to how that concept is executed, and this looks like it could go either way.

Along with the trailer, a batch of new images were also released (via IndieWire) which show off  a bit more action.



Sweetwater currently doesn’t have a release date set.

Last Updated: July 10, 2013

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