We chat to Andrew “dRweEZ” Roberts about overclocking

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I know next to nothing about overclocking. It’s something that’s always fascinated me though, even on a casual level. If I was brave enough, I could get some gains on my hardware straight out of the box. Sadly, I am a coward, which is why I prefer to see professionals doing their thing – pouring liquid nitrogen into the heart of a PC which creates that strangely hypnotic gas, all in the name of gaining better numbers. I caught up with local overclocking legend, Andrew “dRweEZ” Roberts and picked his brain on the hobby/sport.

I drove all the way North to Asus HQ for the top secret meeting. I chatted to Andrew about his plans for the upcoming year, as well as how a newcomer can get involved with overclocking in general.

You can watch the YouTube video below or click right here for the Vidme link. I apologise for the poor audio quality at the end. Moving the mic back and forth resulted in it slowly getting unplugged. Still, you can hear at least 95% of everything thanks to my audio mastery.

According to Andrew, the easiest way for a newbie to get involved is to just simply start overclocking what they have. A great source of help and the place to go to post results is HW Bot. There are scores from competitions worldwide, as well as forums to interact with those who know exactly what they are doing.

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Andrew’s most notable achievement is being ranked 3rd in the world in overclocking back in 2012. He isn’t even done for the year, and is heading off to China soon to take part in the GALAX Overclocking Carnival. We wish him all the best!


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Last Updated: November 25, 2014

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