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Welp! You probably won’t be able to get Batman v Superman: Ultimate Edition in SA after all

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Sad news, folks. We’ve been eagerly waiting for our review copy of Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition to arrive, and it appears that we may have to keep waiting forever for it. There were initial reports that South Africa was actually not getting the extended Ultimate Edition, much to our dismay. However approximately two weeks ago we received word from Nu Metro that this was not the case, and that it would be arriving. As proof, they even sent us the following pic of the Steelbook version so we could see that it’s the correct edition.


And to backup the claims of the local release, Takealot also had it listed on their site for sale. Everything was looking rosy. Operative word there being “was”!

Earlier in the week, our peers over at Fortress of Solitude received their review copy, only to discover that it was not the Ultimate Edition but the Theatrical Cut. Some querying around led to the discovery that other local press were either sitting in the same boat or hadn’t received their copy at all. We fell into the latter category. And now we know why.

In mail sent to us by Nu Metro earlier today, it was revealed that the Ultimate Edition was only made available in the steelbook version of the release, and that Takealot had the exclusive rights to sell it locally. Unfortunately, they only ordered 150 units as a pre-order incentive, and all 150 have been sold out. There’s no further local stock available, and Nu Metro has no plans to bring in anymore due to it not being cost-effective.

They’ve apologized for all the confusion, but that doesn’t change the fact that local consumers and fans – which includes us – are going to be left quite disappointed. By all accounts, the Ultimate Edition is a definite improvement on the theatrical version of Batman v Superman, and has been hailed by many as the definitive edition to see. And right now, unless you jump through the hoops and are prepared for the massively long waiting time of ordering it from an overseas vendor (and then having it possibly not work due to Zone differences), there’s no way to legally watch it. Bummer.

Last Updated: July 21, 2016

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