Whoo Hoo! SAMURAI JACK is coming back in 2016!

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Flashback to more than a decade ago, and I was hooked on Cartoon Network. And there were very few shows I loved as much as the works of Genndy Tartakovsky. The Russian born animator gave us the modern classics of Dexter’s Laboratory, the original Star Wars: Clone Wars and of course Samurai Jack.

The latter was particularly fantastic, as genre-bending sci-fi/samurai mashup that just oozed coolness in every frame as it told the tale of a young prince in Feudal Japan whose father is killed by the demon Aku, prompting the prince to spend years wandering the Earth, training his mind and body until he was a legendary samurai wielding a magical sword to finally avenge his father and slay the demon. Except Aku had other ideas and opened a time portal, sending the samurai into the far future by which time Aku has amassed enough power to stop the samurai once and for all.

The multiple Emmy and Annie Award-winning Samurai Jack officially ended in 2004 after a 4-season run that gave us 52 awesome episodes. As testament to its popularity, the title was revived in 2013 in comic book form by IDW Publishing, fut fans have been asking about a proper continuation of the cartoon for years now. Tartakovsky was unfortunately a bit too busy making mountains of money with Adam Sandler on the two Hotel Transylvania movies. However it was recently revealed that he would not be returning for a third. And now we know why!

Adult Swim announced yesterday that they will be reviving the beloved Samurai Jack cartoon show in 2016, with Tartakovsky back on board as executive producer. At this point there’s really nothing else that’s been revealed about the new show, other than this very brief teaser trailer and poster below.


If you’ve never seen Samurai Jack, then you owe it to yourself to catch up now as it really is something special. I personally never finished the entire series, but I think I’m about to erase that blot on my record very soon.

Last Updated: December 4, 2015

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